Saturday, September 19, 2015

What Can You Expect From Your Visit to Urgent Care at Peachtree?

When we launched Urgent Care at Peachtree in partnership with Absolute Care, we knew we had a great opportunity to offer people both the quality care that can only come from a local ER Doctor owned and operated urgent care PLUS the comprehensive healthcare that Absolute Care is known for in Atlanta.  So, a visit to Urgent Care at Peachtree not only provides convenient medical services for non life-threatening injuries and illnesses, it also provides quick and full access to our Absolute Care partners and our broad network of specialists.  Our goal is to always consider the patient needs first and foremost and to provide the best care in the most professional and accessible atmosphere.  So, when we received this letter from a patient this week, our team was so proud, that we had to share it…

"I came to the clinic because of the high reviews online I read about the Urgent Care team. I was worried due to changes in my body over the past week and needed to see someone right away. I was seen by Dr. Ferrara who realized the urgency and he promptly referred me to specialists that I should see. After I left, he personally called me to let me know what he found with my test results and it was not good news. When I told him I couldn't see the doctor for a week or so, he said he would make some calls to see what he could do. I had an appt the next morning at 8am. Most doctors would have just told me see what I could do to get an earlier appt and go to the ER if something bad happened. Dr. Ferrara found a specialist who wasn't currently seeing patients the next day, helped get me an appt within 24 hours and by all accounts probably saved my life with his quick action. PS - his nurse while I was at the office was super sweet and professional. 
After Dr. Ferrara reached out to the other side of the clinic, you took me in outside of normal practice hours to make sure I was taken care of (as a first time patient no less!). I was met by a friendly front office team and then greeted by someone (Matt or Mark I think) to tell me all about the clinic and to provide me a full range of services offered and the mission of AbsoluteCare. I have been seeing doctors for 16 years - this level of attention was a first. Dr. Rosenstock and Mary Burns took their time, tested EVERYTHING, and made me feel like I was going to be okay. They took the stress of this type of a visit off of my mind so I could focus on my health. I am eternally grateful. I know Dr. Rosenstock won't be my long term physician as he was seeing me due to the urgency of my health issue, but knowing he is leading the organization gives me confidence that my health and well-being is a genuine concern and a priority of the team. 
I was terrified, and still am, but I feel like you guys are here with me and I can't thank you all enough for that. I am not sure everything will be okay but I feel like you won't stop until it is. 
I am rarely blown away by customer service in any industry but you guys were masterfully solicitous with my care. Thank you!”

When a patient takes the time to let us know that we are doing a great job, it means the world to us. We are proud to offer our very best care and expertise to the Greater Atlanta area, and when you come to Urgent Care at Peachtree and Absolute Care, you can expect nothing less than the best! Urgent Care at Peachtree is Atlanta’s only ER Doctor owned and operated urgent care open until 10:30pm daily. And, we are the only Urgent Care in Atlanta offering concierge House Call services powered by MedZed. We truly hope you don't need us, but if you do, we are here for you...night AND day!