Friday, January 23, 2015

Urgent Care at Peachtree Top Three - January 23, 2015

The Doctors at Urgent Care at Peachtree work diligently to stay on top of health-related research and news so they can pass this information along to their current and potential patients.  In 2015, they are committed to a new blog series, “Urgent Care at Peachtree Top Three” to share these important topics with you .  Here are your first “Top Three.”
  1. Urgent Care at Peachtree frequently sees patients dealing with temporary or ongoing vertigo.  There is an easy new positional treatment that is giving vertigo sufferers some great relief from this dizzy disease:
  2. If you think that working out or walking every day makes up for sitting in your office chair for the rest of the day, think again:
  3. In addition to ensuring that you are taking short breaks from sitting throughout the day, just 20 minutes of walking will definitely help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and can prolong your life:
Urgent Care at Peachtree is focused on helping to create a healthier Atlanta and be there for you when you or your family’s health is compromised.  

So, look for more “Urgent Care at Peachtree Top Three” posts to come, and let us know what health topics you are reading about, too.

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